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What real investors are saying about our Investment Fees Calculator

By Mike Narouei, Content Producer at Boring Money

6 Aug, 2019

Now you’ve been armed with the power to banish uncertainty and shine a light on investment fees, our inboxes have been overflowing with stories and suggestions.

Some of you have had your investing theories proven, while others have had them shattered. Some of you have been reassured that your provider is still a good deal, while others have had a nasty awakening. And some of you just wanted to share your thanks for finally having an Investment Fee Calculator you can rely on. Well, you’re very welcome!

(We’ve changed the names in this article to protect your identities.)

Some of you have been comparing new providers

- “Thanks for the investment platform fee calculator - It is great to be able to compare across platforms based my investment amount split across different products (ISA, SIPP, JISA).”


Some of you have been checking up on existing providers

- “Many thanks for sharing the brilliant fee calculator. I was able to see at a glance how much I was paying for my S&S LifeStrategy ISA at Vanguard and am very happy to say that I will be keeping it there!”


Your “am I paying too much” theories confirmed

- “The calculator confirms what we have suspected for a long time, hence our gradual move to cheaper platforms, when possible. Not an easy thing to do with various impediments placed in our way. In some cases best to liquidate investments when markets are high and transfer cash to new platform. Encourages a general reappraisal that could be overdue. Please keep up the good work.”


Your “am I paying too much” theories shattered

- “Was interested and pleased to see the launch of your Fees Calculator. I'm in the process of analysing my SIPP and giving it a complete overhaul. The fees and charges alone have taken up most my time. When I felt I had come to a decision your calculator put a spanner in the works :)”


It’s been a confidence boost for new investors

- “Just used the calculator and am so impressed!!! Thank you so very, very much it’s brilliant. I’d been struggling for weeks to work out which was the cheapest platform to use as a new investor. I even had pages of scribbled maths to try to calculate it. I kind of got there in the end but what a stressful and frustrating task it turned out to be.”


And an invaluable sense check for experienced investors

- “I enjoyed using your calculator tool this morning for a check. It was very quick and also easy to use. Thus, I congratulate your team on providing this useful service.”


Some of you discovered patterns to capitalise on

- “I am not sure that the general public realizes that below £50,000, investments in ISA's and SIPP's are cheaper using a % fee basis e.g. AJ Bell platform. But over this pivot investment amount, flat fee platforms (e.g. Interactive Investor) become cheaper.”


One of you shared a way to really keep those costs down

- “My investments are held by Halifax Share Dealing (HSDL). The calculator overestimated my expenses because I usually only deal when they have their once a month share dealing offer of £3.95 a trade for shares (not for funds). But probably I am rather atypical in that I can be at my PC between 12:15 and 14:15 on the day the offer is on. It still put Halifax second cheapest behind iWeb for me.
- Meanwhile I’m reassured that I am using a cheap platform. Even if it’s cheap for a reason, as long as it doesn’t collapse with my money it suits me!”


And some of you just wanted to share some nice words

- “Thanks for the calculator, an excellent piece of work.”


- “About time charges were clarified. Millions must be behind you.”


- “This is precisely what normal (non-finance) folk need to guide us away from the investment sharks.”


Have you tried the Investment Fees Calculator yet?

Give it a go to compare investment platforms and robo advisers based on their fees, and to check customer ratings and reviews at the same time. You might save yourself a small fortune by switching to a new provider, or you might get an extra good night’s sleep by confirming you have a good deal already.

Already used it? Let us know what you think! We clearly love to hear from you. So hit us up at