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If you’re investing for at least 5 years, shares are likely to do better than cash 9 out of 10 times.

10 years, even more likely. In fact, the longer the time frame, the greater the certainty. But nothing is ever guaranteed.


Holly’s top stocks and shares ISAs


  • Offers a simple questionnaire to give you a proposed basket of investments.
  • Easy to use. The most established of the innovators.
  • You need at least £500 to start.
  • 79% of existing customers recommend them.
  • All-in fees will be £10.20 a year for £1,000 in a fully-managed ISA.



  • You can start from just £1.
  • Not overwhelming. Refreshingly different with a modern approach.
  • Expect to pay £10.30 a year for a £1,000 ISA.
  • Aviva is a major shareholder which will reassure.
  • 82% of existing customers recommend them.


Hargreaves Lansdown

  • "The Daddy". A FTSE 100 company with a massive 42% market share.
  • These guys know their stuff and 78% of existing customers recommend.
  • You can start from £25 a month.
  • Also have a cash savings service offering rates of up to 2.5%.
  • All-in fees start from around £9 a year for £1,000 invested in a passive multi-asset fund.



  • A good all-rounder, offering a decent service and fair price.
  • You can start with £50 a month.
  • Lots of content available if you want to research before you invest.
  • Website has improved over the last year.
  • If you have less than £7,500 in your portfolio you'll pay £45 a year for an ISA, which is pricey for small portfolios.


Interactive Investor

  • Not currently ideal for beginners.
  • No-nonsense experience at an unbeatable cot. Users rate it highly for value for money, with 67% recommending it.
  • ISA charges are a flat £90 a year, which you get back in trading credits.
  • Quite expensive if you have less than a £50,000 portfolio.
  • They host animated forums for stock market enthusiasts.


AJ Bell Youinvest

  • Mostly known and used by IFAs.
  • Growing in the DIY consumer space but still feels a bit complex.
  • Good on pensions and offers lots of choice.
  • Charges £7.50 a year for a £1,000 passive portfolio.
  • 75% of existing users would recommend.



  • The low-cost "good guys" of investing - expect to pay around £4.80 a year for £1,000 in the LifeStrategy ISA.
  • Not the most user-friendly, but enables simple and sensible investments.
  • Beginners should opt for the LifeStrategy range limits your choices to a digestible five.
  • Minimums start from £100 a month.
  • 72% of customers recommend them and users rate them very highly for value for money.


Investec Click & Invest

  • Minimum investment of £2,500.
  • Guides you through a series of questions to find a suitable portfolio.
  • Actively-managed investments are slightly more expensive than average at £146 a year for a £10,000 portfolio.
  • Worth it if they outperform the market average.
  • Slick experience, smart tools, and multiple portfolios for different goals.


Which one should you choose?

…if you want your portfolio to run on autopilot

We suggest Nutmeg, Wealthify or Vanguard for an easy, warm welcome to investing.


…if you want to save money and the planet

Look into the ready-made, socially responsible portfolios from Wealthify and Nutmeg. Or pick your own investments by using AJ Bell Youinvest's ethical fund filter.


…if you want to pick your own investments

For small to medium DIY portfolios, check out Hargreaves Lansdown, AJ Bell Youinvest and Fidelity. If you're investing over £50,000, also consider Interactive Investor

See what their customers have to say

Check out our independent Best Buys for ratings, reviews and summaries of top investment platforms and robo advisors. There's even an ethical filter to keep your money moral.

Best Buys

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