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Let’s face it… 2020 hasn’t been kind to the markets. But as the initial shock passes and we begin to rebuild, society at large is adopting new ways of living, working and managing our money. But we still have questions. We still have worries. And we still smell opportunity.

For many UK investors, retirement plans and life goals may have been drastically affected. Your investment strategies may have to change. Equally, if you're a cash saver, you may be looking to buy into the discounted market. So how can you make better choices with your money on the road to recovery?

Should I still make regular ISA and pension investments?

Should you continue to drip-feed your ISAs and pensions with direct debits? Or is it time to turn to safe but limp cash? Holly gives her view on what you might want to do.

My deposit for a flat is shrinking in my Stocks & Shares LISA - what can I do?

What should small investors do if they don't understand the markets enough to know how to proceed? What should you do if your Lifetime ISA needs attention before the end of this tax year?

I really don't like this. should I sell and just get out?

Continued bad news is testing our nerve. But we're always more frightened of things we can't see, so let's look past the industry jargon and put a face to this FTSE beast.

Should I cash out my final salary pension during the COVID-19 market decline?

Thanks to the coronavirus, the financial markets have been in decline recently - so is now a good time to cash out your final salary pension for a higher CETV ratio?

Could I invest cheaply now and take it back in two years?

At 75 years old, a reader asks if it's worth investing while it's cheap with the intention of withdrawing the money very soon.

My platform takes 2-3 days to trade. Are there faster ones?

An iWeb user complains that it takes a few days to make a trade. Is this normal? Or can we suggest some faster platforms?

Is the coronavirus market a good time to start investing to buy property?

Is the coronavirus market crash a good time to start investing to buy my first property in 5-10 years?

Should I drip feed investments during COVID-19 in case markets drop further?

It seems like a good time to start investing - would it be best to drip feed from cash into funds/stocks in case markets drop further?

As things seem to start recovering in China, is now a good time to invest?

When looking for markets and regions to invest in as coronavirus progresses, is there a way to pick winners? Or is it still just as unpredictable?

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