Super Thursday and ISA Best Buys


It has now been a year since the Bank of England voted to lower interest rates to 0.25pc. This Thursday was ‘Super Thursday’ where the Committee voted to keep interest rates at 0.25pc. Only two members voted for a rise, with Mark Carney (Head Honcho) saying the sole reason for inflation is the pound’s depreciation since Brexit. So it's hard to anticipate any sudden moves in the near future. 
In Boring Money news, this week we carried out a survey of 6,500 UK adults, looking at how they deal with their finances. Over a third of people say they look to friends' and family's recommendations when selecting where to invest. Here at Boring Money we have our Best Buys to help you out. We’ve collected over 650 customer reviews of investment providers and added in our own views, analysed customer service and compared charges.
For stocks and shares ISAs our top picks are AJ Bell Youinvest, Charles Stanley Direct, Hargreaves Lansdown and Nutmeg. Which company you use depends on how much you have to invest, what you’re looking to invest in and whether you want to manage it yourself or get them to give you a hand. It's interesting to read other user reviews and get the warts 'n' all view. 
Our survey also found ease of use and cost to be two of the most important factors when choosing where to invest, which is reflected in customers’ reviews: AJ Bell Youinvest and Charles Stanley Direct do well on cost and Hargreaves Lansdown and Nutmeg are regularly praised on service.

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