Join the ranks of everyday Brits giving the finance industry what for


We take your opinions and experiences to company heads

We’ll call on you a few times a year to:

• Answer surveys, try stuff out and share your thoughts

• Fight back against jargon, crappy comms and nonsensical websites

• Arm us with insights we take to the industry to help them improve your services

We’re over 600 strong and counting

The louder our voice, the stronger our call for change. Share your thoughts about the products you use and the companies that matter to you, then we’ll take them to the company insiders with the power to make a difference.

Finance doesn’t need to be stuffy, boring, and clear as a camouflaged cadet. A better way is in reach. And together we can divert the wheels of progress to make it a reality.


Previous battles fought and won

• Putting confidence top of the agenda

You told us that only 14% of you feel confident opening an investment account, largely because of the ways firms communicate (or don’t communicate).

Over the last couple of years, we’ve weaved this problem into most of our conversations – and it seems to be working! Human language springing up on websites, fee structure simplification, and even attempts at humour on tube ads. You’re slowly making your mark.

• Teaching the FCA what value means

You told us what’s important to you as investors and what you consider fair in terms of charges versus service.

We took this to the industry and influenced the way both investment firms and the Financial Conduct Authority (the government body that sets financial rules in the UK) see ‘value for money’ – something firms will now need to prove they deliver.


These are only two of our Army’s many conquests so far. This year we have our eye on xx and xxx.

So… are you ready to answer the call?

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