Podcast: Tips from financial adviser Pete Matthew


Pete Matthew is managing director at Cornwell-based financial planning group Jacksons Wealth and podcaster-extraordinaire through his site Meaningful Money. It is a far cry from his early career, which included a stint in McDonalds and an ill-fated flirtation with electronics.

He talks to Holly about everything from tax tips to how to find a financial adviser. He gives his three top tips for improving your financial situation quickly and easily. In particular, he warns against ‘lifestyle creep’ – bumping up your spending with every pay increase: some of that extra money could be put towards your future.

Although a firm believer that tax reduction at all costs is not a worthy goal, he suggests a few ways in which people can reduce the tax bill on their investments and highlights some of the allowances available. Pete also suggests that people may be better off focusing on the cost of their investments rather than simply their tax bill.

For those just ‘getting round’ to savings, Pete gives some ideas on where they can start and the type of products they can use to build a savings pot. He recommends groups such as 7IM and Vanguard, as well as platform Hargreaves Lansdown.

He also gives his thoughts on finding a good financial adviser, which include meeting one, and trusting your instinct! He believes qualifications tell you something about their commitment to their craft and he recommends looking for a certified financial planner.

Elsewhere, his financial weakness is technology, including his new iMac, but won’t be making sporting bets any time soon.

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