What are people investing in? Best-selling funds of August 2020

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Best-selling funds in August 2020

We asked some of the biggest online investing platforms in the UK - AJ Bell Youinvest, Fidelity, Hargreaves Lansdown, and Interactive Investor - what their customers had been up to in August. 


Top 10 funds from AJ Bell

Most popular investment funds bought through AJ Bell in August 2020.

  1. VT AJ Bell Adventurous I Acc
  2. VT AJ Bell Moderately Adv I Acc
  3. Fundsmith Equity I Acc
  4. VT AJ Bell Balanced I Acc
  5. VT AJ Bell Global Growth I Acc
  6. Baillie Gifford American B Acc
  7. Vanguard LifeStrategy 80% Equity A Acc
  8. Vanguard LifeStrategy 100% Equity A Acc
  9. Baillie Gifford Positive Change B Acc
  10. Lindsell Train Global Equity B GBP Inc


Top 10 funds from Fidelity

Most popular investment funds bought through Fidelity in August 2020, based on net sales.

  1. Rathbones Global Opportunities Fund
  2. Baillie Gifford American Fund
  3. Fundsmith Equity Fund
  4. Baillie Gifford Positive Change Fund
  5. CFP SDL UK Buffettology General
  6. Baillie Gifford Managed Fund
  7. Baillie Gifford European Fund
  8. Baillie Gifford Long Term Global Growth Fund
  9. Invesco Asia Trust Fund
  10. Fidelity Select 50 Balanced Fund


Top 10 funds from Hargreaves Lansdown

Most popular investment funds bought through Hargreaves Lansdown in August 2020.

(In alphabetical order.)


Top 10 funds from Interactive Investor

Most popular investment funds bought through Interactive Investor in August 2020.

  1. Fundsmith Equity
  2. Baillie Gifford American
  3. Baillie Gifford Positive Change
  4. Vanguard LifeStrategy 80% Equity
  5. Baillie Gifford Global Discovery
  6. Baillie Gifford Long Term Global Growth
  7. Vanguard LifeStrategy 60% Equity
  8. Baillie Gifford Managed
  9. Rathbone Global Opportunities
  10. L&G Global Tech Index Trust


The Common Denominators

If we merge these lists, when we look at how customers of these platforms voted with their feet in August 2020, the most popular funds were:

(In alphabetical order.)

  • Baillie Gifford American
  • Baillie Gifford Global Discovery
  • Baillie Gifford Long Term Global Growth
  • Baillie Gifford Managed
  • Baillie Gifford Positive Change
  • Fundsmith Equity
  • Rathbones Global Opportunities
  • Vanguard LifeStrategy 80% Equity

Data correct as at 1 September 2020; information sourced directly from the platforms.

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popular funds 2020.png (1)

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