Customer leaderboard September 2018

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Investment Provider
Recommended By You
Total Reviews
True potential Investor
94% recommend
34 reviews
91% recommend
33 reviews
87% recommend
82 reviews
Hargreaves Lansdown
80% recommend
335 reviews
Charles Stanley
76% recommend
56 reviews
71% recommend
36 reviews
AJBell Youinvest
65% recommend
105 reviews
Alliance Trust Savings
63% recommend
59 reviews
Interactive Investor
61% recommend
72 reviews
47% recommend
110 reviews

Our readers want to know what we think. They value an expert and, importantly, an independent view. However, they also place significant value in the reviews we collate from customers. In this way, buying an ISA is no different to buying any consumer product.

We know from talking to customers that not everyone is looking for the same thing in a provider. Some want low cost, but even low cost is different for someone with £10,000 to invest compared to someone with £100,000 - and those numbers seem alien for the potential consumer looking to start with less than £100.

This quarter's leaderboard shows the top 10 platforms which have been recommended by customers over the 12 months to September 2018.

Nutmeg continues to offer simple, inclusive options that customers love, that sees them occupying the third spot.

On the back of achieving one of our coveted best buy badges, Wealthify features on our leaderboard in second place. Will their venture into ethical investing lead to more customers spreading the word?

Claiming the top spot, recommended by 94% of their customers is True Potential Investor.

If you are looking for an independent in-depth opinion and analysis on an online investing provider, want to see customer reviews on a platform or robo, or maybe just want to know the providers who meet your requirements, then visit our Best Buys page.



*Leaderboard of the top 10 providers’ recommend scores in the 12 months to September 2018. Only includes providers with more than 20 reviews during this period. The change represents the difference in the customer recommend score in comparison to the 12 months to June 2018.

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