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Suspicious Savers

You think the stock market is just a bit risky. But you’re also fed up with only getting pennies in interest every year. So what should you do?

What’s my Money Tribe? 

Check out our 10 Money Tribes for a simple to-do list and jargon-free tips. Not sure which one’s for you? Take the 2-minute quiz.

Wary Women

  • Figure out savings (it’s not scary!)
  • Make the most of your ISA
  • Get your pension in order

Everyday Entrepreneurs

  • Find funding for the early days
  • Sense-check your banking and payroll
  • Sort out your employees’ workplace pensions

Intrepid Investors

  • Bring your investment strategy up to date
  • Give your ISAs and pensions an MOT
  • Discover our recommended funds

Tired Parents

  • Start the little’uns saving early with a Junior ISA
  • Know what to look for in life insurance
  • Bite the bullet and sort out your wills

Dependable Dads

  • Get to grips with investing for you and your kids’ futures
  • Know what to expect from care homes for your parents
  • Get clever with your pensions

Giving Grandparents

  • Check your pension is working at its best
  • Prepare for your grandkids’ futures with a Junior ISA
  • Learn tax tricks for inheritance and wills

Rebellious Renters

  • Boost your first-home fund with free government money
  • Understand your credit score
  • Discover savings apps and robo advice

Annoyed Self-Employed

  • Get your business bank account in order
  • Increase your odds of getting a mortgage
  • Plan ahead with pensions and retirement plans

Distressed Divorced

  • Know what to prioritise
  • Learn the best ways to split assets and protect the kids
  • Find lawyers and advisors you can trust

Help! I can’t find my tribe

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