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Money Tribes: tailored tips for your lifestage

By Mike Narouei, Content Producer at Boring Money

31 Dec, 2018

Whether it’s buying your first flat, tackling the responsibilities of parenthood or finally sorting out the dreaded pension, there are some things that we prioritise by lifestage. Find your tribe for tips and ideas. Don't know your tribe? Take the quiz (

Tribe of the month

Suspicious Savers

You think the stock market is just a bit risky. But you’re also fed up with only getting pennies in interest every year. So what should you do?

What’s my Money Tribe?

Check out our 10 Money Tribes for a simple to-do list and jargon-free tips. Not sure which one’s for you? Take the 2-minute quiz (

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Help! I can’t find my tribe

Take our 2-minute quiz to discover which Money Tribe (or Tribes) suit you best. Then read expert tips and guides tailored to you.

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