Wary Women case study: Antonella


Antonella, 45, has visited 37 countries in her life, but when it comes to property her heart firmly rests in her native Montenegro. She has a few properties there, which pay her an income and supplement her stable, but lumpy income as an educationalist and theatre producer. She has two sons of 16 and 19, one at university and one at private school. She is keen to retire as soon as possible and would like to buy more property to fund it. Her dream retirement would involve plenty of sand and beaches.

Antonella’s priorities: Retire as soon as possible, possibly buying more property to generate an income.


Anna Sofat, founder of Addidi Wealth, says “Antonella is typical in holding a lot of her wealth in property. She needs to look at where she sees her future. Is it in the UK? If so, property in Montenegro may carry a significant currency risk. Also, property is highly illiquid. She may want to start thinking about a pension to counterbalance that risk – she should bear in mind that she can put pretty much anything she wants in a pension and could move it abroad if necessary. As she starts to look at retirement, she should look at how much she needs to live on and the assets she has to support that. I’d also add that no asset moves up and down in a straight line – diversification works!”.


Do think about the stockmarket as a property alternative. You could open up an online pension from £50 – £80 using online tools to find the right underlying investments. Look at our thoughts on personal pensions here.

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