We don’t think you are quite ready to press Go just yet

11 July, 2017

At the risk of raining on your parade, we don’t think you’re ready to invest yet. Why? Well, the whole point about investing is that it’s a long-term thing and you are never forced to sell at a low point because you need the cash. You told us you do not have three months’ worth of income held in an easy-access cash account.

So if the boiler packs up, the car needs fixing, you lose your job or general life drama happens, then you have got no cash safety blanket.

We suggest the first thing on the Money To-Do list is sorting this cash thing first. We have put some interesting new budgeting apps through their paces to help you achieve these goals.


At the same time, there’s no harm in window shopping for Phase Two of your Rookie Investor journey – opening a stocks & shares ISA.