Which robo adviser performed the best? Our Q2 results update

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Boring Money has collected data from 8 of the UK’s leading robo advisers as at 30th June 2018 and assessed their performance over the previous year to help you choose.

According to our analysis, the top performing robo portfolios analysed were:

While a direct investment in the FTSE 100 would have reaped higher rewards – with a return of 8.4% - this would have come with much higher volatility and price swings. Almost all portfolios would have beaten the return from a cash savings account, many of which still pay less than 1%.

In general, it was a year in which taking a risk paid off for investors. On average, higher risk portfolios returned 6.38% over the 12 month period. Robos usually offer different levels of risk to cater for what their customers are comfortable with. Compared to the previous year, here’s how things broke down for portfolios with different sorts of risk:

  • The highest ‘low risk’ portfolio analysed returned 2.49%, with the lowest returning -0.41%.
  • The highest ‘medium risk’ portfolio analysed returned 5.27%, with the lowest returning 1.88%.
  • The highest ‘high risk’ portfolio analysed returned 7.92%, with the lowest returning 4.15%.


Risk tends to be a significant consideration for those dipping a toe into the stock market. Boring Money also looked at ‘maximum drawdowns’ – the maximum fall in the value of your portfolio over a 12 month period. We found that anyone who invested £5,000 in one of the 8 higher risk robo portfolios would have suffered a potential maximum loss of between £x to £283. This compared to a maximum of £364 in the more volatile FTSE 100.

A few percent here or there doesn’t sound much over a year or so, but for someone investing £100 a month over 10 years, 3% is the difference between a pot of £14,725 at the end and £17,308. That’s a decent holiday, so select with care.

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Robo Adviser Performance Q3 2018

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Robo Adviser Performance Q3 2018

What are they? Robo advisers are a relatively new way to invest for people who don’t give a hoot about the minutiae of stock markets, for people who want someone else to do it for them… or even the most seasoned old dog who knows that they can't be bothered with the ongoing maintenance of a portfolio.

Robo Adviser Performance Q3 2018

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