Which tribe are you? Boring Money's Mikhail takes our quiz

It had been a long time since I had taken the tribal quiz, and wasn’t sure if I would still be considered ‘rebellious renter’. I wondered if I might have progressed to an ‘Intrepid Investor’ since I’ve been doing a little more with my Isa. That said, I’m still renting, so I’m still a rebel apparently…against maximising my savings/investment contributions.  On balance, rebellious renter probably still best reflects my life stage. 

My action plan continues to direct me towards saving via a Lifetime Isa. These are rumours that this will be phased out, so it may be a case of getting in while I still can. I’m reasonably up to speed on my credit score, but it provided a gentle reminder as to why I should be taking care of my pension now rather than later, as well as taking all the handouts my company and the government give me.

There was a lot of related reading, which showed me a lot of the stuff I could be doing with my money, including an interesting piece on whether I should be buying a house at all. I was relieved to see that home ownership isn’t always the best option.

I liked the ‘interesting facts’ - Eg: UK adults each have an ISA allowance of £20, 000…are you keeping your savings safe from the tax man? It’s always worth being reminded that how you invest can be as important as what you invest in. It’s too easy to spend all your time deciding on the investment and forget about the tax bit.


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