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Confession. Confusion. Community. Introducing WTF

11 July, 2017

Introducing Women Talk Finance (WTF), our new Money Tribe for women who haven’t quite figured out their personal finances… yet! With true stories and tips from normal people, plus Q&As with the experts and much more.

Ladies, let’s talk about equality. For too long, finance has been touted as a man’s game, but we think that’s a load of old cobblers! In fact, when you look at the stats, women actually tend to make better, less risky investment decisions than men – we just need a little more help getting started.

The problem is, sexism in the finance industry hasn’t shifted much. Too many ads feel like they still just target men, and too many advisors still look past us to find the decision-making hubby. That’s part of the reason why women on average have £60,000 less in their pension than men, and why 2 million more men than women have a stocks and shares ISA.

Well we’re tired of waiting around for the finance industry to change. So this time we’re standing together and helping ourselves. Welcome to Women Talk Finance! (

Figuring out finance, together

We all learn in different ways, so instead of just being home to our simple step-by-step guides, Women Talk Finance also helps you learn with:

  • True stories and recommendations from 15 women with money challenges like yours

  • Your questions answered by 12 female Independent Financial Advisors

  • Tips for overcoming money worries, and a quiz to test what you’ve learned

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1. WTF: Women Talk Finance

Challenges, hopes and stories from real women in the UK

Chances are, you’re not alone in wondering or worrying about that niggling money issue. Read the stories of 15 normal women in their 40s, 50s and 60s – when people tend to start thinking more seriously about money – and be inspired by how they ask questions, face challenges and start to take back control.


  • Dedicated long-term saver

  • Apprehensive about investing

  • Likes to talk to friends about money

"I look at my neighbours sometimes and wonder how they survive on their money. Do they have to worry about it? Can they just do what they want?"

Read Ruth's story (


  • Saves for her son tax-free

  • Found a hands-off, easy way to invest

  • Unsure how investment fees work

"I don't particularly fancy a helicopter or a yacht or anything like that - all I want is to provide security for my family and my old age."

Read Anita's story (

Browse all 15 WTF stories (

2. Problems shared are problems halved

Q&A with Independent Financial Advisors

You’ve told us you can feel patronised and talked down to by ‘the money men’. So we asked our favourite female Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) – experts who are approachable, trustworthy and engaging – to take your questions and lend a hand. Sometimes it’s just easier to talk to someone who has some shared experiences.


"I can afford to save £300 a month, so what would be the best way to invest it and what could it turn into in 15 years?"

Answer by IFA Helena Wardle (


"I can afford to save £300 a month, so what would be the best way to invest it and what could it turn into in 15 years?"

Answer by IFA Helen Howcroft (


"I can afford to save £300 a month, so what would be the best way to invest it and what could it turn into in 15 years?”

Answer by IFA Tamsin Caine (

Browse all 15 Q&As ( Meet the female IFAs (

3. Plus simple ways to get clued up about money

Tips, guides, quizzes and more

  • 3 money tasks to tick off first
    Intro to the top financial priorities for women – ISA, JISA, pension – plus how to figure out what you need and which providers to choose.

  • Common worries and how to overcome them
    Do you share any of these 5 financial worries? From divorce to time away from work, we show you’re not alone and point you in the right direction.

  • Graduate as a Woman Talking Finance
    Take a quick quiz to test what you’ve learned and take your next step towards financial independence. It’s multiple-choice and quite fun!

  • Top female Independent Financial Advisors
    Read the profiles and stories of 12 female IFAs who are doing great work for women. If you need financial advice, it pays to get it from someone who understands you.

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Share the WTF love with your friends

One of the great things about belonging to a Money Tribe is having a connection to people like you and helping each other grow. So who else would you invite?

If you have any female friends, family members or colleagues whose financial future you’d like to help protect, why not send them a link to this page? We’re all in it together.