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Sustainable Savers

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Which Sustainable Saver Are You?

Sustainable saving is a long way from being one-size-fits-all. Some people seek out investments with the biggest positive environmental impacts. Others simply want to know they're not funding wars or lining the pockets of dodgy CEOs.

Sustainable Saving? Is It a Fad or The Future?

2020 taught us to re-think many things. One of these was a rather 1980s view that investing sustainably means lower returns. Quite the opposite, in fact....

Sustainable investing comes in many shapes and sizes. It's about using our money to quite literally back companies that consider the environment, their staff, and general governance issues as well as the more traditional shorter-term focus on recent profits. We're thinking about the next three decades. Not just the last three months.

Different Ways to be a Sustainable Saver

Where do you fit in? Are you more concerned about the environmental impact of your money than your returns, or do you take a more-balanced view? Here's a breakdown of the 6 different types of sustainable savers.

1. Are you an Eco Warrior Sustainable Saver?

Eco Warriors are a force for change in the natural world. Armed with their savings and their conscience, they invest in green companies and tackle environmental issues like the climate crisis, carbon neutrality and renewable energy. All while aiming to grow their savings too.


Key Data:

  • 1.8 million savers and investors in the UK

  • Mostly younger (25-34)

  • More women than men

  • Recycle

  • Cut down on meat

  • Cut down travel carbon

Also, watch M&G's video about raising awareness about ISAs and other investments that can make a difference to the causes people really care about.

Sponsored video: M&G Investments

Read More about Eco Warrior Sustainable Savers here

2. Are you a Future Focus Sustainable Saver?

Future Focus savers are champions of positive change. They know investments have the power to help people in society, improve the environment, build better businesses. And although they still aim to grow their savings, they put impact first, returns second. For their family, their world, their future.


  • 3.2 million savers and investors in the UK

  • Highest proportion of 18-24 yrs old

  • More women than men

  • Reduce food waste

  • Shop locally

  • Cut down on meat

Read More about Future Focus Sustainable Savers here

3. Are you a Moderate Greens Sustainable Saver?

Moderate Greens invest to prepare for their own financial futures, but know their investments can do more. So they welcome opportunities to have a positive impact while they save, especially if it’s good for the environment. After all, we make the world we leave for our kids and family.


  • 9 million savers and investors in the UK

  • All ages

  • Fairly even gender split

  • Recycle

  • Shop locally

  • Limit single use plastic

Read more about Moderate Green Sustainable Savers here

4. Are you a Diligent Sustainable Saver?

Diligent Savers see sustainable investments as ones that are likely to stand the test of time. Investments in companies that do better, think forward, don’t get caught up in scandalous headlines and don’t have power-hungry CEOs. It’s a case of supporting the respectable and losing the wild cards.


  • 4.6 million savers and investors in the UK

  • Mostly older (55 and over)

  • Fairly even gender split

  • Limit single-use plastic

  • Shop locally

  • Recycle

Read More about Diligent Sustainable Savers here

5. Are you a No Nasties Sustainable Saver?

No Nasties savers say enough is enough. They don’t want to be involved in the profits if an investment causes harm, so ‘sin stocks’ such as tobacco or weapons have no place in their portfolios. With these excluded, No Nasties savers can grow their savings with peace of mind.


  • 2.7 million savers and investors in the UK

  • Mixed ages (35 and over)

  • Mostly women

  • Limit air travel

  • Limit single use plastic

  • Recycle

Also, watch M&G's video to understand the potential impact your long-term investments could have on the global issues you care about.

Sponsored video: M&G Investments

Read More about No Nasties Sustainable Savers here

6. Are you a Pure Returns Sustainable Saver?

Pure Returns is the name of the game here. It’s all about growing your savings as much as possible, without much concern for what you’re invested in. However, that doesn’t have to mean ruling out sustainable investments – which often outperform their non-sustainable counterparts.


  • 7.6 million savers and investors in the UK

  • Mostly older (55 and over)

  • Mostly men

  • Recycle

  • Reduce food waste

Read More about Pure Returns Sustainable Savers here

Your Top 5 Questions on Sustainable Saving

1. Does investing sustainably mean making less money?

Shouldn't do - read the detail here

2. Are sustainable funds always higher risk and more volatile

Nope - read the detail here

3. How do I know my investments are really having a positive impact?

Depends who you're with - read more

4. Is it too late to start investing sustainably? I'm about to retire...

It could still work for you - read more

5. Is there much difference between impact investing and ethical exclusion?

It depends - read more.

Action Stations

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