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Women Talk Finance

Come on in, ladies!

If you’re fed up of being in the dark about money, have ever felt patronised by "the suits", and want to make more confident decisions without spending hours glued to the Boring Financial News Network, help is at hand.

  • We’ll give you tips and pointers on 3 major problem areas.

  • Demystify the worlds of investing, pensions and savings.
    Tell you who we rate and why. 

  • And not a fluffy pink ad campaign in sight.

Your top money worries (and tips to overcome them)

1. Will I have enough to live on when I retire? Read tips

2. What if I miss something important in divorce? Read tips

3. Will the inheritance I leave be enough to support my family? Read tips

4. How will my kids ever get on the housing ladder? Read tips

5. How will I support myself if I take some time off work? Read tips

First 3 money tasks to get in order

Tax-free savings

  • Discover our ISA top picks and learn how to start with as little as £1

  • Work out if you'd be better off with cash or stocks and shares

Learn about ISAs

Kids' savings

  • Learn how to build a tax-free nest egg for when they turn 18

  • See why the stock market can be ideal for kids under 10

Plan for their future

Your pension

  • Learn how to get £20 for free for every £80 you save in a private pension

  • Understand the three types of pension and what else you need to prepare

Get retirement ready

Read stories from your tribe

Hear from women in the same financial boat as you. And find an advisor who can set your mind at ease.

  • True money stories from people with similar challenges

  • Burning money questions answered by the experts

  • Help with choosing an Independent Financial Advisor