State Pensions

OK, so thrilling it ain't, BUT you may as well know what the foundation of your retirement income is going to be. Give us 2 minutes and we'll give you the basics. 


5 quick facts

  • Full new State Pension is £164.35 a week today if you have worked for a full 35 years
  • Multiply the years you've worked (paid NI) by £4.70 for your approximate State Pension
  • After December 2018 you get the State Pension at 66... and it's going up!
  • 50 today? You'll be 67 when you get the State Pension
  • Unless some evil weirdo gets into power and breaks their promises. Surely not!!!!



The Basics 

The full State Pension is about £164 a week. Just over £8,500 a year. But here's the thing. You have to have worked for at least 35 full years to get that. If you have worked for less than 10 years you will get nada. And the State Pension age is slowly creeping up. 

[pause to feel old and knackered]

Pensions can be complicated things when you come to retire, but there is some help available.

If you are saving up into a private pension to boost your State Pension, check out our tips and Best Buys. 

And if you are coming up to retirement, the Government has funded a free advisory service called The Pensions Advisory Service which is staffed by smart cookies who know their stuff so give them a call. 



Why should I bother with a pension?

Spare us 97 seconds and we'll tell you in this short vid. Did you know that you get free money from the Government, to pat you on the head for saving up?



How strong is your retirement income?

It's like a cocktail with three shots.

Your State Pension + your workplace pension(s) + any private pensions.

Our video explains all. With some gratuitous imagery to liven things up but it sent viewings through the roof. 


How much will I get when I retire?

In our Retirement Income Guide, we've worked through the numbers for three different people, showing them what the total of all their pensions bits and pieces might be.

You've got to combine the State Pension with any workplace pension and then any private pensions. You can use our examples to get an idea of what you might be in line for. 


Show me the numbers!



Our State Pension guide

Our one-page factsheet will tell you more, share some numbers and provide some useful links to get your State Pension forecast and projected retirement age.

Rock 'n' Roll! Guide please



The Government has released a new online service which gives you an estimate of what your State Pension might be. It's actually fairly painless to use and we were pleasantly surprised at how quickly we were able to get in and out.