Meet our experts

Here is our panel of experts. We will choose the best expert to answer your individual questions based on their expertise.

Holly Mackay Holly

Holly Mackay

Founder & Managing Director

Founder and MD Holly Mackay has been working in the investments space since 1998. She read Modern Languages at Oxford, with a special focus on Mediaeval French which was deeply interesting and arguably utterly useless.

Mark Dampier.png Mark

Mark Dampier

Mark currently works as Head of Research at Hargreaves Lansdown, and is regarded as one of the best in the profession. He began his career in financial services in 1983, joining Hargreaves Lansdown in 1998. Mark also contributes regularly to The Times and The Telegraph, and writes a weekly column in The Independent.

ruth-updated.jpg Ruth

Ruth Sturkey

Fed up of seeing clients being sold products and getting a shoddy service I set up The Red House in 2007 in the belief that there was a better way of helping people answer those questions that trouble us all; have I got ‘enough’? how can I make the most of what I have?how do I protect me and my family if something goes horribly wrong, oh, and how can I still live for today?

danny-cox.jpg (1) Danny

Danny Cox

Certified Financial Planner

Danny has over 27 years’ experience in personal finance and helping people make the most of their money. Amongst his awards is the coveted Money Management Financial Planner of the year and he is one of only 1% of advisers who are qualified as both Chartered and Certified Financial Planner.

david-stone.jpg (1) David

David Stone

Chartered Financial Planner

David started Mansion House Capital with his (now) wife back in 2000, they advise across all areas and mainly look after London-based professionals who are too busy and/or too bored to prioritise planning their own finances. David is a Chartered Financial Planner and Fellow of the Personal Finance Society.

lesley-james.png (1) Lesley

Lesley James

Owner - Simplified Money

In my 25 years of experience in the industry, I’ve had the privilege of working with a very wide range of successful and experienced people in a whole variety of different situations. With that wealth of experience behind me, I am now the proud co-owner of Simplified Money.

Pete Matthew.jpg Pete

Pete Matthew

Chartered and Certified Financial Planner

Pete is a Chartered and Certified Financial Planner and serves as Managing Director of Jacksons Wealth Management in Cornwall. He is also a prolific financial blogger and podcaster at MeaningfulMoney.tv with a desire to get decent financial information out to everyone who needs it.

Helena-e1405011611549.jpg Helena

Helena Wardle

Chartered Financial Planner

Helena is based at Sterling and Law's practice in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. She began her career in financial services in 2006 at the Nationwide Building Society and started advising clients in 2008. She's a Chartered Financial Planner with nine years’ experience providing regulated financial advice on everything from mortgages to estate planning. She’s also a qualified pension transfer specialist and all-round good sort.

Catherine Morgan - smaller 1.jpg (1) Catherine

Catherine Morgan

Catherine has a passion for educating women around the behavioural and practical aspects of money. She is a Mum of two and founder of The Money Panel, a money guidance business for women, helping to support them in managing their personal and business finances. She's been in financial services for 17 years, was nominated as a finalist in the Women in Financial services award 2018, and works as a regulated financial planner.

Anna Sofat - small.jpg Anna

Anna Sofat

Founder & MD of Addidi, the Voice of Women’s Wealth

Anna is an award winning Chartered & Certified Financial Planner, as well as the Founder & MD of Addidi, which advises enterprising women and their families, to plan and manage their wealth. Addidi also provides a collaborative club for women to invest in SMEs. Prior to founding Addidi, Anna was the MD at Fiona Price & Partners, the first business set up specifically to provide financial advice for women by women.

helen howcroft_305x253 small2.jpg Helen

Helen Howcroft

MD of Equanimity IFA

Helen is a financial planner & the MD of Equanimity IFA. She puts clients first and speaks in a language they understand, to help them take control of their money, by designing a financial plan based on their goals and ambitions. She works closely with other financial advisers, specialising in divorce, retirement planning, business financial planning, investing, inheritance tax and estate planning.