Meet the team

Here they are in glorious technicolour. (Most of) The Boring Money team. Against a suitably fashionable wall in London's Shoreditch.

The team today includes:

Alex Jones - Head of Market Research 
Carmel Dickinson - Head of Sales & Industry Relations
Emma Wakeham - Office Manager
Holly Mackay - CEO
Ian Hall - Head of Digital
Mog Mackay - CFO
Richard Bradley - Head of Data

Holly Mackay

Holly Mackay - CEO

Holly Mackay has been working in investment markets since 1998. She read Modern Languages at Oxford, with a special focus on Medieval French which was deeply interesting and arguably utterly useless. From 1998 – 2007, she worked in both Australia and the UK, for Big Global Investment Firms with Increasingly Important-Sounding Titles.

Likes: time with her kids, red shoes, the sea, surfing, India and wine (not Indian wine)

Dislikes: pompous bores,  broken technology, laziness, the tube

Least boring thing: Holly was in a stand-up comedy show at the Edinburgh Festival ages ago with people who are now much more famous than she is!

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Carmel Dickinson - Head of Sales & Industry Relations

Carmel has worked in advertising and marketing for 11 years. After 5 years at Money Marketing she joined Holly at The Platforum as Head of Commercial. From here she went to News UK to commercially run The Times and Sunday Times financial sections (winning Sales Person of the Year 2015) followed by a brief stint at Guardian Labs. But she was wooed back to join Holly again at Boring Money in Jan 2016 to spread of the word of Boring Money to the financial industry and how they can work with us through content marketing, events and research.

Likes: French bulldogs, live music in a field and a good Scotch Egg.

Dislikes: Baked Beans, Talent shows on TV and bad manners.

Least boring thing:

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Richard Bradley - Head of Data

Richard started out at Holly’s previous business, The Platforum, in 2011, where he looked at how advisers and consumers deal with investments. Following that, he spent 18 months conducting financial services market research at international media agency Fundamental Media, before joining Boring Money in January 2017.

With a penchant for numbers, he spends most of his time analysing what investment providers are up to and keeping tabs on what they cost.

Likes: gin and tonic, cooking, remote holidays

Dislikes: bad grammar, crowds, shopping

Least boring thing: makes a mean gin and tonic muffin

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Alex Jones - Head of Market Research

Alex started adult life up t’North as an economic and social researcher before moving South and into commercial market research. He has undertaken consumer-focused quantitative and qualitative projects for some of the world’s leading finance, communications and technology brands – from global tracking studies to consumer ethnography and has had articles published by the Market Research Society.

Likes: Bananagrams, Ferris Bueller and tropical house music

Dislikes: Milky tea, horror films and the cost of renting in South London!

Least boring thing: Amateur potter specialising in wonky bowls

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Ian Hall - Head of Digital Marketing

Ian has spent the last 10 years working in digital marketing in a variety of sectors from travel to education and in the last few years, financial services. He plans and executes our marketing campaigns and can often be found geeking out inside Google Analytics.

Likes: Notting Hill, German Cars, Fender Guitars

Dislikes:  Lateness, traffic, London house prices!

Least boring Thing:  Open mic Weds in Camden Town

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Emma Wakeham - Office Manager

Emma has worked all over the world across many industries, delivering systems, processes and products to make everyone’s lives a little easier! Emma joined Boring Money in June 2017 as Office Manager as well as Holly’s PA, with the aim to keep everyone on their boring toes and make sure Boring Money deliver everything we have promised and more.

Likes: travel, gin & tonics and Sunday mornings

Dislikes: mushrooms, ignorance and Sunday mornings after too many gin & tonics

Least boring thing: Spent a year driving a motorbike around South East Asia, and only crashed it once!

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Mog - Chief Feline Officer 

Chief Feline Officer Mog joined Boring Money after a short career at the North London Cats Rescue Centre in Archway. She has ideas above her station and has been known to refuse Ocado free-range chicken. As well as having an c-attitude problem, she tends to sleep through important meetings and yawn at our videos. She is currently in a disciplinary process although proving rather hard to fire.

Likes: Baked beans, Magnums, shrews, pensions

Dislikes: Baths, dogs, Whiskers cat food.

Least boring thing: She staged a failed coup against Grumpy Cat.

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