We know that if anyone's going to provide for our later years, it's us. You can't live on a State Pension alone, so we're taking our financial futures into our own hands.

Some of us are retired already. Some of us are a lifetime away. All of us are planning ahead.


A little pension planning goes a long way

What kind of life do you want for yourself in retirement? And how will you provide it? Hard questions. Even some of us who are retired still don't know the answers! But it doesn't stop us from planning. And with the how-to tips and tools on these pages, it's easier than ever to make better choices.

• We'll guide you through the stages of saving for retirement 
• Explain the different pension types you can choose from
• Share your questions with pensions experts

Your future is in your hands. What will you do with it?

Top pension facts

Free money: get an extra £20 on every £80 you save*

Tax benefits: high rate taxpayers get an additional £20 or £25 on top 

Time lock: Money locked away until you’re 55+ (57 from 2028)

*read the small print... this is pensions!

Hear it from the experts - what to do next

Learn AND laugh about pensions with audio guides from Holly Mackay, Founder of Boring Money, and Tom Selby, Pensions Expert at AJ Bell Youinvest.

Episode One - Pensions in your 40s   Episode Two - Pensions in your 50s   Episode Three - Pensions in retirement


Top 5 planning priorities by life-stage 

Timeframes are important when investing, so what changes if you have 5 years or 50 to retirement?

18-44      45-55      55+ and working      55+ and retired


Detailed guides that just make sense

What are the different types of pension product available? And which ones do I need?

Learning the basics

Introducing private pensions and SIPPs

• Simple to start from around £50 a month

• Set up regular payments and you won't even have to look at it for decades


Read the Boring Money guide

Getting employee benefits

How workplace pensions work

• If you put in 5% of your wages, your employer puts in an extra 3%

• You may already have a default option


Read the Money Advice Service guide

What is a SIPP?

The ultimate guide to understanding SIPP

• Find out how you should bother with a SIPP

• Your options at retirement



Read the SIPP guide

Compare providers and calculate fees

Use our super simple tables and tools to understand and compare your options in moments.

100% independent reviews of your Pension Choices

Compare the market, read customer reviews and see what Boring Money has to say.

Just want to check costs? Use the SIPP calculator

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