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Holly's View

Service remains strong and customers rate the call centre well. The problems lie with the site which is difficult to navigate and to find a path through - it's not as slick as some competitors. Fund research is deeply hidden – when you actually get there, it is all quite good. But the website can sometimes feel like a frustrating maze to get through. The firm has recently produced some good content to help beginner investors which is worth a look.

Holly MackayHolly Mackay
Holly MackayFounder and CEO of Boring Money

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Overall Summary

Mobile & Apps

The app has improved a lot recently, and you can now trade and add both funds and shares.

The app is a lot cleaner than the desktop version and their secure messaging feature should be common across all apps. The ability to customise what is displayed on the app is handy and you can reveal more information by tilting to a landscape view. The app still features a lot of jargon but is visually very appealing.

Behind the scenes

There are two sides behind the scenes. The newly updated pages such as the image to the left, are clean with improved functionality. However, within the older pages, there is often a lot of small font and many numbers on a page – probably a nightmare for those with tricky eyesight. Overall there is a nice visual display of fund research although the pages do carry a lot of jargon.

The 'Geeky' Details

Provider details

Charles Stanley make their charges clear and relatively simple – their maximum platform charge for holding investments is 0.35%. There are no fund dealing charges, so for investors putting small amounts into a few different funds on a monthly basis it is low cost. You can also buy company shares – each time you buy or sell a share they charge £11.50.

For SIPP accounts there is a £120 annual charge, but this is waived if you hold more than £30,000 in total across accounts on the platform.

There is lots of choice and research available. The so-called Foundation Fund list shows their favourite funds which is useful. There is also a range of all-in-one funds – the Charles Stanley Multi Asset Funds – for those that want all the investment done for them. These are active funds which are relatively pricey in comparison to passive options.

Expect to pay about 1% all-in for a self-selected ‘active’ portfolio – this is good value.

Important Facts & Figures

Provider Size:

Mid-sized investment platform administering around £2.5bn

Minimum amounts:

£500 minimum initial investment, unless investing monthly
£100 minimum monthly investment