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EQi Review

as of 27/08/2020 at 10:33 am

Holly's View

EQi is a big established player whose parent company looks after a lot of the shares held by those who get issued shares through work. This DIY offering however needs work to get the systems and service working as well as they need to. It’s tricky to find what their unique selling point is today, or what they do better than others.

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What to Expect

Investment Choice


Stocks and Shares ISA

Lifetime ISA

Investment Account


Investments available

Funds from other groups

Stocks and shares

Investment help

Pick your own funds

Pick your own shares

The 'Geeky' Details

Provider details

EQi continues to move towards more user-friendly content for the less experienced investor with appealing imagery and tools to make complicated information digestible. You pick your own investments from the mountain of funds and shares available. Currently, if you're not sure about what you're doing or what you need, it's a complex text-heavy site to navigate. 
It's a decent option for trading and with fund fees of 0.3%, falling to 0.25% after £50,000, it's low to mid-range on cost. 
It's just a bit hard to know what their real advantage or core strength is. 

Important Facts & Figures

Provider Size:

Mid-sized investment platform

Minimum amounts:
£0 minimum initial investment – investments will have their own minimums

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