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This is a good option for a mobile-friendly

Ready-made Pension for people who want help and support.

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Nice for those who want their pension to look and feel like an ISA. The fees are OK – not the cheapest for this type of service but still OK. A questionnaire does the heavy lifting and you’ll stay in touch with a nice app, which is well laid out & designed. This group also invests in technology so you can expect them to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ in this regard. Not for those who want to choose their own and trade.

Holly MackayHolly Mackay
Holly MackayFounder and CEO of Boring Money

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Overall Summary

Best Buy 2021

  • Best For Digital ISA

Ease of use

The site has a clear dashboard and is mostly jargon-free but more detailed signposting could better guide the end user. The trading and valuation screens work well.

The onboarding process provides customers full access to the information they need, with personal details only required at the end – a rare feat.

Mobile & Apps

On the face of it, this is still one of the most comprehensive apps available from a provider. Users are able to set up new, and add money to existing, investments, check performance of investments, and access documents and statements, amongst other features. The app uses Yodlee technology to allow users to link their current accounts within the app. However, the app can be extremely buggy at times and this has been the case for a sustained period of time.

Behind the scenes

Unlike many, what you see on the public site is mirrored largely on the secure site. It’s clear and straightforward. There are some nice additional features like ‘Impulse Save’ which enables top-ups.

Your investment portfolio will be a blended composite of different big brand investment funds and at all in costs of 1.2% ish it’s at the top end of mid range on costs. No ability to pick different fund or trade shares.

Investment Choice


  • Stocks and Shares ISA

  • Pension

The Geeky Details

Provider details

True Potential Investor offers straightforward options, guiding people through a few questions to determine their risk profile and help them to choose one of five managed portfolios. You’re restricted to these portfolios – users can’t pick their own individual funds or shares. It's a good slick digital service with a decent app. We like it.

Invest your personal pension in one of True Potential’s Fully Managed Investment Portfolios meaning they are ‘actively managed’ making them a bit more expensive than others. However, if they do their job, they should return more (although that's not a certainty!).

Costs are around 1.2% all-in, so about £12 per year on each £1,000, and there are no additional drawdown charges to consider.

The parent company – True Potential – is a significant group in the advice market, offering financial advice and providing technology to financial advisers.

Important Facts & Figures

Provider Size:

Parent company administers significant investments for financial advisers

Minimum amounts:

£1 minimum initial amount

True Potential