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as of 08/12/2020 at 12:56 pm

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This was a new robo service from the ultimate home of Swiss banking poshness - and as of 29/8/18, closed to new customers. Users were guided into a portfolio by a range of questions so it was low maintenance and suitable for beginners. It was also hot on security and compliance so users were in safe hands but that came with more (digital) 'paperwork' and questions. With £15,000 minimums, it was “reassuringly” expensive. Fees a bit higher than average too.

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This is a really new investment offering from the Swiss bank. The minimum investment amount is £15k. That’s high compared to other groups we look at, but low for UBS, which usually provides financial advice and wealth management for those with millions rather than thousands!

The platform does offer regulated advice. Rather than picking your own individual funds and shares, you answer a series of questions about your financial situation and how much risk you can take before you’re offered a portfolio to suit you. One thing we really like about them is that they are quite forthright about who shouldn’t be investing. If you’re not in it for the long term or you can’t stomach the loss they will tell you so and won’t let you invest.

Total costs range from 1.12% to 1.29% for a passive portfolio; and 1.35% to 1.93% for an actively managed portfolio, where all the underlying investments are managed by human beings.

We don't have an account with UBS, so haven't yet been able to give them a Boring Money 'We Say' score.

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New robo-adviser from the major Swiss bank

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