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Brands, advertising and Grumpy Old Goats

This week I've spent a lot of time immersed in the strangely scientific world of digital marketing as we start to tell more people about boring money. £8 a click – ouch!   To quote travel writer Bruce Chatwin, impecunity is the mother of invention.

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 5 minute read

Crash!? Crisis. And rain :0(

No self-respecting British blogger can avoid a whinge about the weather this week so let’s just get that over and done with! “If I have to play one more game of Monopoly with the kids….” “Why do we live on this miserable island!” ….“fnaaaargh gimme a drink!” Repeat to fade….Right on with finance.

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 1 minute read

The BM Blog: Super Thursday and ISA Best Buys

A brief one this week and throughout August as holiday season hits.

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 1 minute listen

Pension freedoms explained in 60 seconds

Holly explains all about pension freedoms in just a minute! Learn about draw down, annuities, pension planning and different pots.

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 40 minute listen

Podcast: Financial advice, pensions and money saving apps

Recent research has said that taking financial advice can make you £40,000 richer. Do we always need financial advice, and at what life stage is it most crucial? What about when we are reaching retirement?

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 30 minute listen

Podcast: Divorce, the gender pay gap and annual holidays!

In this podcast Holly and Georgie are joined by family lawyer, Niamh Mccarthy from Slater & Gordon and Sara Benwell, Consumer Editor at Good Housekeeping. The foursome will ponder divorce, the gender pay gap at work, and relationships, asking if you would be comfortable if your partner had a far bigger pay packet than you?

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