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 3 minute read

Stress and decision fatigue: reduce your daily anxieties

If you're responsible for a team at work or responsible for running a business, the number of decisions can be paralysing. You're not alone - this kind of stress affects many entrepreneurs, including a couple interviewed here. There are a few things you can do to ease the load.

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 3 minute read


Yesterday, City heavy hitter and impressive she of massive metaphorical shoulder pads Helena Morrissey launched the GIRL fund from Legal & General. More formally known as the Gender in Leadership UK Index fund, this will basically invest in the top 350 companies listed on the UK stock exchange - but in disproportionately small amounts, or indeed not at all, if they don't hit gender diversity targets

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 2 minure read

Employer sense check

Employer auto enrolment sense check: what you should now be contributing Employers saw their pension contribution rates rise in April, from 1% to 2%. While this is a deceptively small amount at first glance, what does it look like in practice? Our high school maths suggests that effectively doubles an employer’s pension costs.

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 2 minute read

Strategies for managing financial stress

Money may not buy happiness, but a lack of it can certainly make you miserable. In November 2016, 31% of employed people in the UK listed financial issues at the top cause of stress. We can’t manufacture money out of thin air, but we can treat it in ways that keep stress levels down.

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 3 Minute Read

What is value for money?

The financial regulator is getting increasingly uppity with fund managers and investment providers on the issue of cost and transparency. Do people actually know what investment providers charge? And does it represent fair value? How can you tell if you’re paying a ‘normal fee’ or being rinsed?

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 1 minute read

Introducing our new Money Tribe: are you an Intrepid Investor?

You’ve already invested and the ISA’s sorted. You know your emerging markets from your bonds. That said there’s always scope for a few cunning tax tips and an investment sense check. When it comes to money even old dogs can learn new tricks. Read on for fund picks, a pensions MOT and ISA ideas.

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