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What is the FTSE (footsie) 100?

Something you played with Miguel in the Costa del Sol
A list of the 100 biggest UK shares
The 100 largest ISA firms
Financial Test Simulation Exercise

2008 was the year of the global financial crisis. If you'd invested £100 in the main UK stock market at the start of the year, how much could you have lost by the end of the year?


Let's think timeframes. How long should you be able to set your money aside for if you're planning on investing in shares?

For as long as it takes to fit into the skinny jeans you had aged 20
At least a year
At least 5 years
At least 10 years

You can usually start an ISA with as little as £25, but what's the maximum you can save into an ISA each year without paying tax on the profits?


Over any ten-year timeframe since stock markets began, how often have stock and shares done better than cash?

9 times out of 10
7 times out of 10
5 times out of 10
4 times out of 10

Let's say you want to start saving for your (possibly hypothetical) child's future, so you open a Junior ISA. Who can pay into it?

Only my child
Only me and my partner
Any family member but nobody else
Anyone who feels generous

If you saved £50 a month for 18 years with a Junior ISA (adding up to about £10,000), what might it grow to if we assume typical stock market growth?


If you're a basic rate taxpayer, for every £80 you save into a private pension, how much will the government add for free?

(Basic rate taxpayers earn up to £50,000 a year)


What's the current full state pension paying pensioners each week?

About £370 a week
About £270 a week
About £170 a week
About £70 a week

Think about food (because why not!). Is a 'multi-asset' fund most like...

A protein punch
A balanced ready-meal
A skinny diet option
A high-risk Vindaloo

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