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Don't know where to start?

Our simple Money Tribes quiz will help. We'll pinpoint three things to prioritise and get you started.

How well am I doing - and what can I improve?

See what sort of shape you're in. Get specific no-nonsense tips and pointers on how to get financially fitter.

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Your financial fitness plan

A health check - how are you doing?

We'll test your basic financial fitness and report back with a scorecard. What's fit, what's flabby and how to shape up. 

What to expect

  • 6 questions
  • About three minutes
  • No painful fact find
  • Get your tailored plan
Create your financial fitness plan

So you think you're an investing hotshot.

Take our investments quiz to see whether you're a George Soros...or more Curious George.

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What to expect

  • 5 questions
  • About two minutes
  • Are you an investing hotshot?
  • Get some pointers as you go
Nervous Newcomer or Wall Street Whizz?

Nervous Newcomer or Wall Street Whizz?

Question 1 of 5

Is an ETF an:

Equity Transaction Fund
Enterprise Transaction Future
Exchange Traded Fund
Dunno - sounds like a UFO

Is a passive fund:

A collection of investments which tracks an index
An investment held on behalf of someone else
A collection of low-risk shares which is not traded for a year
A collection of investments invested in a socially responsible way
A hippy’s savings account

What’s the most that a £1,000 investment in the FTSE 100 would have fallen by in any year since Jan 2008?

About £700
About £600
About £500
About £400
About £300

What should you expect to pay an active fund manager to look after £10,000 for you in a year?


The best performing stock market in 2019 was:

Czech Republic
The US
Nervous Newcomer or Wall Street Whizz?

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