First time investor? You're in the right place....


How we will help 

Here's something not many 'gurus' will tell you. Understanding enough about investing to get started, make some sensible choices and set up an account online, is not that hard. And relax - you don't have to pretend to be really interested in the oil price or Emerging Markets bonds to be in our gang. 

• We think there are 12 simple things you need to know 
• We'll suggest where we think you should start
• We'll suggest some simple apps and beginner-friendly providers

Read on for help with budgeting, beginner ISAs and where to get some advice.

What would you like to do?

My 12 Point Plan: start the journey

Budgeting apps: see who we recommend 

Digital advice: I need help!

Beginner ISAs: start from just £1

All you need to know 

We've stripped everything we think you need to know into 12 simple pointers. 
Here are the first 3. Dig in to get started! 


Done. Show me more....


Action Stations 

OK Rookies. If you're ready....make today the day you take a first step. 
There are 2 key decisions for every investor or pension saver.....       

1. What account should I open? 


2. What do I put in it!? 



Now check what you've learned with our simple quiz

Time to graduate? Test yourself with this quick-fire quiz



3 Boring ways to make your choices easier

Take suggestions from the wisdom of crowds and independent professionals.

ISA Best Buys

Comparison tables

• Our favourite picks for beginners 

• Compare fees, customer ratings and our expert reviews


Compare ISA accounts

Budgeting apps

Manage your money 

• Our favourite picks for beginners 

• See which options we rate 


See the fund list

Boring Money Advice 

Find the right advice for you

• Find out if you would benefit from a professional advisor

• Or check out cheaper digital alternatives 


Check out advice options 

There’s an app for that… budgeting, investing, pensions and trading 

Beginners come in all shapes and sizes. 

Some want to start with the basics - set a budget, clear that debt and find the best home for cash. 
Others want to put a toe into the investing world - hello ISA. 
Maybe you have questions about a pension - can you even do this at home, by yourself!?
And others want to jump into the guts of it - copy trading and crypto here we come! 

We've filtered the market with Rookies in mind. 

Have a look at our suggestions for these 4 common needs you contact us about. 



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