We seem to hear about investing a lot these days, from friends’ big wins to horror stories in the news.
But as easy and important as it may be, first we need to get the whole picture.

We're the Rookie Investors. And we're here to get schooled!


Know the facts, make better choices (funny, that!)

How do you eat an elephant? Which part do you start with? What tools do you need? And what do you do if you’re vegan? Investing can feel like just as big a task to get your head around, and what works for our friends and influencers won't always be right for us. So what do we need to know to make better choices? Handily, you’re in exactly the right place to find out…

• We’ll reveal the truth behind common rumours and trends
• Explain the different types of investing and who they’re for
• Answer common questions and suggest simple apps

With a bit of honest guidance, we won't just be Rookies for long!

What would you like to do?

Learn the truth: investing rumours laid bare

Learn from others: investor questions, experiences and suggestions

Learn the basics: how-to guides and comparison tools

Learn about apps: saving, investing and budgeting in your pocket

Tell it to me straight

More people investing than ever, more ways to invest than ever, more rumours than ever… It’s great that we’re all talking about money more, but the word on the street rarely tells the whole story.



(Trading apps and gossipy shares: timing the market)
(Bitcoin and cryptocurrency: risk v reward)
(Coronavirus and the stock market: what to know)


More trending topics


(GameStop, Tesla and why your investments shouldn't follow the news)
(Investing and your carbon footprint: sustainable vs sin stocks)
(Will pensions still be around by the time we get to retire?)
(Yes, you can start investing from £1. But know your fees!)


What are people like me doing and thinking about?

See how other Rookie Investors are getting to grips with the stock market, what choices they’re making, and what questions they’re asking – with answers from finance professionals.

David, 64, asks...

Is it a good idea to move some of my pension into sustainable investments in the run-up to my retirement in a few years?

Alex, 31, asks...

What fees and charges should I prepare for if I choose a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)?

Jan & Ian, 57, ask...

Is it worth us investing around 10% of our cash pension pot when we're already semi-retired?

Michelle, 55, asks...

I have multiple pensions with different providers - should I combine them?

Paul, 47, asks...

How can I check if my pension charges and performance are comparable across the market?

Elena, 26, asks...

How can I switch from the default plan my workplace pension came with?

Alison, 44, asks...

Is it a bad idea to have your ISA and pension with the same provider?

Sarah, 38, asks...

What's a good pension provider for someone who is self-employed? Or would a LISA be better?

Victoria Pension Planner

Victoria, 50, asks...

Do I have to top up my National Insurance contributions to get the full state pension?

Level up your long-term investing knowhow 

Pick and choose from our quick, jargon-free guides to all the basic stuff. Confidence, here we come!

1. How and where to invest

How investing works    Online investment platforms    Robo advisers

2. The right type of investing account


3. The investments you buy and sell 



Now check what you've learned with our simple quiz

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3 Boring ways to make your choices easier

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Get financial advice

There’s an app for that… investing, trading, saving and budgeting

Whether you want the convenience of your investments in your pocket or a gadget that will do the thinking for you, there’s an app for every investor.

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