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Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. What are your options? And who is any good? Our independent, impartial research is combined with the voice of real customers. We scour the market so you don’t have to.

Take the Boring Money Shortcut to get practical suggestions, a shortlist of options and the providers which might tick your boxes.

How will this quiz help me?

We’ll assess your options based on what you tell us, suggest some interesting choices and tips to investigate, based on your budget, age and preferences.

We can help!

We can help!

  • Straightforward questions
  • Impartial suggestions
  • A shortlist of tips, investment options and brands to explore

Independent suggestions on what you might like

Financial services are confusing. There are so many options and products and providers who all tell you that they are marvellous! Our 2 minute quiz has been designed to suggest some practical solutions, which meet your budget, confidence and preferences.

Important: Boring Money is not authorised or regulated to offer financial advice. Our mission is to help people to make better choices. If you would like financial advice, please visit our Advice pages – or indeed take our quiz which is designed to show you a practical solution based on your budget and requirements.

You may get back less than you put in with stocks and shares ISAs, pensions, investment funds or digital advice services.