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Step aside, Wolf of Wall Street - your dodgy-dealing days are done. Find out more about investing to do good and do well, and see which options investment professionals rate.

  • Professional fund selector favourites, award-winners, and top-ranked funds by theme
  • We’ve scoured the market to bring together the experts’ picks
  • Low carbon, ‘no nasties’ or good governance – what matters to you?

Funds by investing theme

We asked global research house Morningstar to find the top-ranked funds for three popular investing themes.

Low Carbon aim to avoid damaging the environment
No Sin Stocks aim to exclude tobacco, arms and drugs
Good Governance aims for better business practice

These lists refresh regularly, so check back for updates. Morningstar creates these lists by analysing ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) data and various other metrics. To really dig into their methodology, put your maths hat on and read more on their website.


Funds by risk level

Interactive Investor have selected global fund manager BMO as the sustainable face of their Quick Start funds journey for beginners. Choose from low, medium or higher risk portfolios.

  • BMO Sustainable Universal MAP Cautious
    The lowest risk of the three BMO funds. It targets an annualised return of 2% above inflation over five years and can hold as little as 20% and as much as 60% in equities.

  • BMO Sustainable Universal MAP Balanced
    The medium-risk option. The fund targets an annualised return of 3% above inflation over five years. The fund can hold as little as 30% and as much as 70% in equities.

  • BMO Sustainable Universal MAP Growth
    The most adventurous, higher risk of the three but with potential for higher gains. The fund targets an annualised return of 4% above inflation over five years and can hold as little as 40% and as much as 80% in equities.


Ready-made portfolios

Ready-made options

‘Ethical plans’

5 risk levels

Ready-made options

‘Socially responsible’

10 risk levels

Ready-made options

‘Future World Fund’
'Fossil Fuel Free'
‘Shariah Fund’

Ready-made options

’Socially responsible’

3 risk levels

Ready-made option

’Ethical Growth Portfolio’

Buy each fund manually

Ready-made options

’Positive Impact Portfolios’

7 risk levels

Best Buys for Sustainable Investors

These platforms have the most helpful fund shortlists which identify ‘ethical’ or ‘sustainable’ investment options.

85% recommended by you
Charles Stanley Direct

70% recommended by you
Interactive Investor

82% recommended by you

100% recommended by you

80% recommended by you
The Share Centre

85% recommend by you

The Big Disclaimer: These are not personal recommendations - we don't know your circumstances or what suits your needs. We’re not regulated to give financial advice. We’ve canvassed opinions from a variety of credible investment analysts and researchers in the market but as always there are no guarantees. Do read the individual factsheets or check out the various provider websites. Things go up and things go down so - as usual - make sure you have a good mix of investments and have a timeframe of 5 years+


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