Understand your options when it comes to sustainable investments - good for the planet AND your pocket



Fad. Or the future? 

Sustainable investing comes in many shapes and sizes. It's about using our money to quite literally back companies which consider the environment, their staff and general governance issues as well as the more traditional shorter-term focus on recent profits. We're thinking about the next three decades. Not just the last three months. 

• We'll guide you through the basics of sustainable investing
• Share stories from investors and tips from pros
• Suggest a few well-rated funds to begin with

2020 taught us to re-think many things. One of these was a rather 1980s view that investing sustainably means lower returns. Quite the opposite, in fact....





Which Sustainable Saver Are You?

Sustainable saving is a long way from being one-size-fits-all. Some people seek out investments with the biggest positive environmental impacts. Others simply want to know they're not funding wars or lining the pockets of dodgy CEOs.

  • Know thyself. Take our quiz to know where you stand on the sustainable investing spectrum.
  • Know thy neighbor. Discover the other sustainable profiles
  • Go forth and prosper. Explore the range of potential investment options via available ready-made options and fund lists


Your top 5 questions

1. Does investing sustainably mean making less money?
Shouldn't do - read the detail here

2. Are sustainable funds always higher risk and more volatile?
Nope - read the detail here

3. How do I know my investments are really having a positive impact? 
Depends who you're with - read more 

4. Is it too late to start investing sustainably? I'm about to retire...
It could still work for you - read more

5. Where should I go to find good sustainable investments?
Use our top fund tables for some ideas


Action Stations

Keep it simple with a ready-made portfolio or pick your own investments from a list of top funds.


The definitive sustainable investing guide

What are my options? Which providers are any good? Where should I start my investing journey?

  • Introduction to ISAs and pensions with a world-saving twist
  • Guidance on what you need and whether it's right for you
  • Help choosing providers who are well-rated by their customers

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