Hannah, 40

A Regeneration Project Manager from Plymouth

Hannah and her business partner Wendy bring sustainable investing to street level – Union Street to be precise, where their local regeneration project is turning Plymouth’s empty buildings into sustainable businesses.

"Being genuinely interested in what you invest in makes it a more rewarding experience."


Breaking down investor stereotypes

“We’re two bright, colourful women not fitting the profile of people who usually offer shares. People in the business community were saying you need to put on grey suit but we said no, we’re going to be really authentic.

“Through the process of finding investors we realised our real market, as well as local supporters, were investors around the country looking for ethical opportunities. They didn’t meet us, they just paid online and loved co-ops. Lots of them were people approaching retirement and quite risk-averse, with money sitting in bank accounts that they needed to keep accessible. They were only getting 1% interest, so they could easily put in some money and get involved.

It's all about what matters to you

“Most of the people who came in were women, who wanted to invest in things they can connect with. Generally it was people who were new to investment. So I say just start! Start small and see what happens. A couple of people who started with us are now looking at other opportunities.

“What’s important is to think about what your interests and passions are and how an investment could help with that. Because there’s something about being genuinely interested in what you invest in to make it a more rewarding experience.”

"So start small and manage the risk around that. Feel comfortable.”


Help me pick an investment fund

If, like Hannah, you want an opportunity to grow your savings while improving quality of life in the UK, the following option is worth reading up on. Or have a look at a bigger range with The Share Centre's themed lists or our best of the best buys list. 

(We asked some of the leading names in sustainable investing to recommend a fund or two they like for our Sustainable Savers. This isn’t a personal recommendation and we’re not giving financial advice. Food for thought only, folks.)


Adrian Lowcock, Head of Personal Investing at Willis Owen, suggests...

Royal London Sustainable Leaders

"Manager Mike Fox looks to provide above-average capital growth by investing in companies that have a positive effect on the environment, human welfare and quality of life. The fund invests predominantly in the UK but with some exposure to the US and Europe.

"The portfolio consists of shares in companies involved wholly or in part in the manufacture of products, industrial processes or the provision of services associated with improving the environment and the enhancement of human health and safety. The fund manager also invests in companies whose management are making above-average efforts in corporate responsibility."

A few more fund suggestions

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