Sharon, 64

A Sales Manager from Manchester

After hearing a colleague humble brag about sustainable investments, Sharon realised she too could put her savings to better use. And with no plans of retiring any time soon, she has the cash to do it.


"I have money in the bank doing nothing. If I can put it somewhere it's making a difference, absolutely I will."


Still time to jump on the sustainable bandwagon

“Somebody I was working with actually brought green investing up the other day. I can’t even remember how the subject came up. Maybe we were talking about money in general, but they were having a bit of a brag about making a lot from this green thing. Said I should have a go. I haven’t really had time but I do want to find more facts about it.

“I know it used to be tobacco and pharmaceutical companies people would invest in. Or Walmart. So it’s quite interesting to hear that there are these alternatives. Definitely! Because this is how it is now, with recycling and being greener – it’s how the world is changing. I think it’s a good idea. A very good idea. And I have money sitting in the bank doing nothing. If I can put it somewhere where it’s making a difference, then absolutely I will.”

Green is the new black

“Everything’s green now isn’t it – you see them say it about everything. I suppose it will last though. Especially with younger people who are more into this stuff. I think they have a different view on things to people of my generation. Everything’s modern. Everyone’s becoming vegan. Things you didn’t used to think about. Barely even saw a vegetarian! But now everything’s green and that’s the way to go. It’s an important aspect of life today, so I’d like to gain more knowledge of it.

I’d normally Google things as a start. And from there I try to gain more information on what I’m reading. It does take time. It takes a lot of research as well, which hopefully I’ll get done over my next few days off. But if these companies can help the world become a cleaner place and better, then I’m all for that. Definitely. Because I have children and grandchildren and it’s their future, isn’t it.”


Why I started investing

“I suppose it was having the money available. And that I wouldn’t be keeping it under the mattress! I just thought it would be a sensible thing to do. Really, what else can you do? I could have brought a property but that can bring aggravation as well, so I’ve never bothered with that.

“I’m happy with what I have so far. I like that they pay me dividends. They do go down at times but I stick with it and they come back up. I suppose it’s a bit of a risky business but they’ve been okay, really. I think there was a crash a few years ago but they came back up so I’m not that worried.”


Help me pick an investment fund

If, like Sharon, you want to start investing in green and sustainable companies, including a few recognisable names, the following option is worth reading up on. Or have a look at a bigger range with The Share Centre's 'Climate Change & Renewable Energy' list or Morningstar's Low Carbon list on our Sustainable Savers home page. 

(We asked some of the leading names in sustainable investing to recommend a fund or two they like for our Sustainable Savers. This isn’t a personal recommendation and we’re not giving financial advice. Food for thought only, folks.)


Jason Hollands, Managing Director of Business Development & Communications at Tilney, suggests...

BMO Responsible Global Equity fund

"The BMO Responsible Global Equity fund is a 'mid green' fund that might suit investors looking for a global investment portfolio that filters companies who are making a positive contribution to society and the environment, while avoiding investment in companies with damaging or unsustainable business practices, but nevertheless includes many recognisable names such as Apple and Microsoft.

"BMO are a major player in ESG investing and were long before it became fashionable, devoting considerable resources to engaging with the companies they invest in and using their shareholder influence to encourage the adoption of high standards of corporate behaviour.

"The policies of the fund are overseen by an independent Advisory Council, whose President is Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and which comprises individuals with experience in sustainability, charities and NGOs. Stocks must be approved by the Council for inclusion in the fund. This oversight means that the fund manager, Jamie Jenkins, remains squarely focused on delivering investment performance, within the remit set for the fund."

A few more fund suggestions

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