We can all use Keep Cups. Avoid plastic bags. Boycott firms with dodgy employment records and wean ourselves off Amazon. But there’s arguably a better way to create systemic change...

Money talks. Join other Sustainable Savers and give yours a voice.


Welcome to the armchair resistance!

We believe you don't have to stand on a picket line to stand for what's right. By putting our savings into sustainable investments we give power to the companies and organisations making positive change happen. And when they do well, our money does well too.

• We'll guide you through the basics of sustainable investing
• Share stories from investors and tips from pros
• Suggest a few well-rated funds to begin with

This isn't charity. None of us are saints. We're saving for the good of our own financial futures. But we're doing it in ways we can be proud of. Join us!





What's your story, Sustainable Saver?

Hear from people who already align their savings and values - what do they think and do?

Sustainable Savers

Ceri, 52, a Business Consultant

"We like to have the best of both worlds. I don't want to sacrifice returns for morals."

Sam, 28, an IT Sales Director

"Investing isn't something I tend to make a choice about myself - I leave it to the experts."

Michael, 51, a Publisher

"It's good to know I'm thinking about the future. But I don't have a lot of interest in money."

Sustainable Savers

Sharon, 64, a Sales Manager

"I have money in the bank doing nothing. If i can put it somewhere it's making a difference, absolutely I will."

Sustainable Savers

Tariq, 36, a Content Manager

"I like making money work for me, not just sit in the bank. Especially investing with a social element."

Brigitte, 39, a Business Consultant

"Mine’s not a moral argument. If you’re investing and not thinking about it, you’re going to miss out."

Sustainable Savers

Hannah, 40, a Project Leader

"Being genuinely interested in what you invest in makes it a more rewarding experience."

Sustainable Saver Jane

Jane, 53, a Science Teacher

"I don’t want to leave a planet to my children that they’re going to have to deal with."

Your top 5 questions

1. Does investing sustainably mean making less money?
Shouldn't do - read the detail here

2. Are sustainable funds always higher risk and more volatile?
Nope - read the detail here

3. How do I know my investments are really having a positive impact? 
Depends who you're with - read more 

4. Is it too late to start investing sustainably? I'm about to retire...
It could still work for you - read more

5. Where should I go to find good sustainable investments?
Use our top fund tables for some ideas


Your Sustainable Saver's toolkit

Keep it simple with a ready-made portfolio or pick your own investments from a list of top funds.

Ready-made portfolios


• Start investing tax-free with very little effort

• Use the 'Sustainable & Ethical' filter on our Compare tables to see your options


Compare Sustainable ISAs

Leading fund lists


• Compare lists of reputable funds

• Choose by theme, popularity and more


Compare top fund tables

Award-winning funds


• Choose from 9 funds that are top of the pops

• As commended by the Sustainable & ESG Investment Awards in November 2019


Compare award-winning funds


Which funds come out on top?

 We asked global research house Morningstar to find the top-ranked funds for three popular investing themes.

Low Carbon aim to avoid damaging the environment
No Sin Stocks aim to exclude tobacco, arms and drugs
Good Governance aims for better business practice

 These lists refresh regularly, so check back for updates. Morningstar creates these lists by analysing ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) data and various other metrics. To really dig into their methodology, put your maths hat on and read more on their website.


The definitive sustainable investing guide

What are my options? Which providers are any good? Where should I start my investing journey?

  • Introduction to ISAs and pensions with a world-saving twist
  • Guidance on what you need and whether it's right for you
  • Help choosing providers who are well-rated by their customers

We've included this ad because we think The Big Exchange are interesting and worth a look at. We haven't been paid to include it!

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