Adele, 54

German-born Adele always dreamed of living in London. Now she’s here and happy. But although she’s organised and confident with investments and pensions, she still has questions and concerns 

My relationship with money: "Love/Hate"

"Money can stress me out a lot. But on the other hand I do love a good lifestyle, I like spending. But if an investment makes a loss or things aren’t working the way I like them to, I get a little stressed which has an impact on my life."

Staying in control, especially after 50

Difficulties fresh off the boat

How I choose a financial advisor

My biggest money question...

It is very difficult for me to build up trust. So what are the most important things to do and research before I invest?



Answer by Catherine Morgan, The Money Panel

I hear what you say and can fully appreciate why you feel like this. I would suggest that there is an element of emotion involved here as well as the practicalities. The emotion of feeling ‘unsafe’ and the practical aspects of wanting to choose the best provider. Money is emotional and I would firstly recognise what the feeling is that you are associating with this decision. Building up trust is about being able to recognise that in order to gain trust, you have to have confidence in them as a provider.

In order to build confidence, I would suggest you think about the following: 

How do they communicate with you?

Seek out reviews (good and bad)

Call the company

Start small

Check out the FCA register

Find a WTF-favourite financial advisor

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