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Confident and independent, Anita takes charge of her money for the sake of her family. In the past she dabbled with trading shares, but now she’s taking it easy with investments that look after themselves.

My relationship with money: "Security"

"For me, money is a means to an end. I don’t particularly fancy a helicopter or a yacht or anything like that – all I want is to provide security for my family and make sure that my old age is looked after."

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My biggest money question...

"I realised a couple of years ago that the actively-managed fund fee is eating into my investment returns. How can I make sure I’m keeping costs down?"



Answer by Lesley James, Simplified Money

You ask a very potent question. Because what you pay for your investment can have a very significant impact on what you could achieve. Fund charges differ by only small percentage points but – as you have noted – when they are too high, they can really begin to eat away at the amount you’ll get back.

There is good news, though. Disclosure is improving. New rules and protocols are making it easier to find out the true costs. Some providers are stalling but in the main, you should now be able to compare the fees of most mainstream providers pretty easily.

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