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Anna Sofat

Anna didn’t much like the hard sell, opaque products, all-about-the-bottom line world of the financial services industry, so she set out to redefine the culture of wealth by creating a sustainable business with women at its heart.

"There is great beauty and satisfaction when I know I have the perfect building blocks for a bright financial future for a client!"

How I help women with their money

I started Addidi as a financial planning and investment management boutique. We help women, and men, change their understanding of wealth as a tool for happiness, inspiration and positive change.

We go on a journey with our clients to:

  • Create wealth and balance,

  • Invest in the markets and to make a difference,

  • Enjoy life by being good to themselves and compassionate to others.

Ultimately, we enable our clients to live a richer life. And in the process, we are transforming the world of wealth management to a place that is pleasurable and rewarding.

As the voice of women’s wealth, Addidi is known for being Beautifully Different.

Common money issues my clients have

Women have gone unnoticed by the financial industry for many years, but it has recently begun to wake up to the fact that women will own over 50% of investable assets by 2020. Over the years I have been privileged enough to be a trusted financial adviser to many women and families. I enjoy understanding what our client’s idyllic life looks like, their hopes and aspirations and what they want and need from their money, but being analytical I love pouring over data and making sense of the numbers to devise a financial plan which delivers. There is great beauty and satisfaction when I know I have the perfect building blocks for a bright financial future for a client!

In my experience, women have invariably wanted more than just financial returns from their money – they want financial security for themselves and their families, they want to enjoy the fruits of their labour but they also want to invest in their communities. Very rarely does a client come to me and say they love investing in the markets! So it’s no coincidence that impact/ethical investing is now being driven by women and millennials.

I have chosen to advise clients of different backgrounds (young, old, wealthy and the not so well off) as the returns I get from my relationship with my clients go well beyond the fees I am paid. I look for relationships where I can add value and we share common values round mutuality, respect and nurturing. I want to be the best and I want the best for my clients.

Choose me for...

• Investment planning

• Wealth planning

• Legacy planning

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