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My relationship with money: "Cautious"

"I’m very cautious about scams and being ripped off. I would never invest in something that I’m not sure about. I have some money in a robo adviser and some peer-to-peer stuff, so as long as I understand the risks and the solidity of the company I’m okay with it."

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My biggest money question...

"Right now I manage my own investments, but when I get older and lose it mentally I don’t know what will happen. So how can I plan for that? What should I be doing?"



Answer by Tina Weeks, Serenity Financial Planning

It is great that you are managing your own investments. You might never lose it mentally but just in case I would recommend you put a Lasting Power of Attorney in place so that someone you trust can manage your investments on your behalf when you are no longer able to do so. I would suggest that you leave instructions (while you are still able) explaining to your Attorney how you would like your investments managed.

You might consider at some point, investing in a fund of funds whose make up is that of a diversified portfolio. There are lots of these available. This would mean that your investments don’t really need much management.


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