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Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan founded The Money Panel on a mission to change the financial services industry from one of complicated financial products to one that helps educate in simple language with no financial jargon (and no suits!).

“More women need to take back financial control and be financially resilient.”

How I help women with their money

Many women in their 40-60’s need support to explore both the emotional and practical sides of money, rather than just focusing on financial products. This is particularly important during times of emotional challenges such as divorce and mid-life when finances become a little stressful.

I touch on these topics and many more in my podcast ‘In her financial shoes’, available on iTunes and Spotify. I also have an online low-cost Money Circle Membership to break the taboo of money conversations and help women to be supported to learn about money in a community of other women. 

Common money issues my clients have

Lots of change can come about in women’s lives in their 40-60’s as women approach retirement, deal with relationship changes such as divorce, or investing confidence once the children have flown the nest. The most common questions I get asked are: 

  • Will I have enough money to last?

  • How do I be more 'grown up about money' to manage my money better, start saving and feel confident with money?

  • I feel very overwhelmed about money – how do I manage these emotions?

Money coaching may help you to answer some of these questions.

Also a financial plan can help to answer those questions about choices, options and financial security.

As an award-winning qualified financial adviser, I am also able to offer financial advice as an independent financial planner with Postcard Financial Planning. All my services are available as video sessions so I am able to work flexibly and across the UK.

Choose me for...

• Free 30-minute discovery call

• Create a spending plan and learn better habits

• Advice around divorce, pensions, savings and investments

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