Diane, 47

Diane gets paid to jet off to San Diego, the Bahamas and even further afield. (Lucky!) And when she’s not managing the cabin crew, she’s taking care of her family and her money. But it hasn’t always been easy. 

My relationship with money: "Balance"

"I like a balance between doing all the nice things I want to do and having a money comfort blanket just in case things go belly-up in the future."

Financially, becoming a single mum wasn't too tough

If only my daughter was as savvy!

Why do they have to make it so confusing?

My biggest money question...

"I’ve got various workplace pensions but how can I figure out what it will actually work out to when I retire?"



Answer by Helen Howcroft, Equanimity IFA

The Money Advice Service have a free calculator which you can use to answer this exact question. It enables you to calculate the amount of income that you could have in retirement taking into account:


1) the value of your current workplace pensions

2) the amount that you and your employer are contributing to your workplace pension, and

3) when you hope to retire.


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