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Helena Wardle

Helena has been a banking advisor, mortgage consultant and planning manager over the years, so clients get the benefit of her holistic view of the finance industry. But it’s more than just numbers to Helena. What satisfies her most is helping people feel secure.

"It is a huge relief to clients once they understand what they have in place and what they need to do, and I enjoy putting these puzzles together."

How I help women with their money

My area of specialty is pensions, and often it involves helping clients understand simply what they need to save to be able to afford to retire, and what is the best way to meet their objectives in retirement. Pensions are great tax planning tools and it can make a huge difference later on in life by taking advantage of these tax reliefs and benefits that are available while you are working. 

At Sterling and Law, we try and ensure we make clients' finances less of a chore by building good financial plans that will help our clients understand what they are doing, why it matters and how it will make a difference to them. We can use a wide number of providers because we are independent and often we just need to make small changes to existing plans or sense check ideas for clients and we like having that flexibility.

Common money issues my clients have

In my experience, one of the key misunderstanding clients have (both male and female) is how pensions work, and often I see clients who are not claiming back the higher rate tax relief they are entitled to on their pensions. You can go back and claim back previous years for up to 4 years, but very few people know it.

Due to the complexity and jargon in pensions I often find people are confused about whether they can afford to retire, if they should be saving more and what they can do with their pensions. It is a huge relief to clients once they understand what they have in place and what they need to do to make sure they are financially secure when they are older, and I enjoy putting these puzzles together.

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• Tailored retirement and estate planning

• Pension transfer specialist

• Mortgages, protection and investments

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