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My relationship with money: "Overwhelmed"

"I feel like there’s so much I should be doing but I don’t know where to start. There’s so much pressure to prepare for old age and choose the right pension and investments and it’s just like arghhh just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!"

I'm so glad they make you take a pension now!

Robo advisers make investing second nature

Finance industry, make women feel invited too

My biggest money question...

"I’m interested in ethical investing but my robo adviser does it all for me. Am I investing in the tobacco industry? I just don’t know. How can I tell where my money is actually going?"


Answer by Cleona Lira, 2plan Wealth Management

I'm glad you picked a robo adviser that offers this option as I understand not all do.

You could ask your robo adviser how to locate this information via an email or calling their helpline and they should be able to guide you to more information easily. Also, you can always Google ‘Trustnet’ and the fund name/names to find an abundance of readily accessible information.

On the overview page of Trustnet, reading the ‘fund objectives’ and the ‘top 10 holdings’ will give you a good idea. If you like detailed research, scroll down to the bottom right and ‘literature and downloads’ will give you a lot more information. Hope that helps!


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