Janeen, 44

Self-employment, teenagers, debts that last decades. It’s been challenge after challenge for Janeen, but she’s learned through trial and error that there’s more than one way to meet financial goals. 

My relationship with money: "Sensible"

"I think because you have to work so hard to make it, and sacrifice things like family time, I’m good with that money and it doesn’t get wasted away on things that aren’t important. So I’m very sensible when it comes to money."

Becoming self-employed took a lot of money planning

I help the kids learn from my mistakes

We picked insurance over saving for the kids

My biggest money question...

"I’m very curious about how I can save money when I pass away. I don’t mean getting around the system, but how can I save on taxes and the minefield of charges my family might have to pay?"


Answer by Zoe Dagless, Addidi Wealth

This is a common question posed about inheritance tax and what can be done to minimise it. Here are a couple of points to think about which would minimise inheritance tax and hopefully reduce some charges that the family may have to pay:


1. Ensure that you have a will

2. Gift assets

3. Use allowances

4. Pension contributions

5. Protection

Find a WTF-favourite financial advisor

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