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Julie Lord

Julie loves to help women realise what’s important to them financially and plan to make it happen. And with a number of awards under her belt, she’s really quite good at it! From budgeting in your 40s to wills in your 50s, Julie can help you find a balance that fits your life stage.

"We help busy women take and maintain control of their money, so there are no nasty surprises later on."

How I help women with their money

No matter what your challenge or goal is, we will find out what is important and then create a personalised cashflow model to show what the future holds. Only when we have established what someone wants from their life will we start talking about money and what to do with it. If the cashflow model shows some gaps, we provide support and guidance as to how these can be filled. If there is too much money, we can help transfer this to future generations tax-efficiently.

The cost of our advice and guidance is specific to individual circumstances. However, we always offer a free initial meeting and never proceed further without fees being cheerfully agreed!

Common money issues my clients have

Many women in their 40s simply don’t have time to focus on financial issues because of other demands like children and their career. But there are many important things to address during this time: protecting family in the event of death or illness; creating proper budgets so debt doesn’t arise; saving for the short and longer term; teaching children good money habits; being prepared in the event of divorce; having an emergency fund and watching out for “lifestyle creep” where suddenly you can’t believe where your money goes. We help busy women take and maintain control of their money, so there are no nasty surprises later on.

In their 50s, women are starting to think about what comes next, and often whether their life partner is still on the same path! Wills and Powers of Attorney should be in place in case things go wrong and a clear summary of financial assets and liabilities will help many women who suddenly find themselves alone. This is a stage of life where Planning is critical to future security and happiness – look after your health; save like mad; pay off debt; talk about your passions (and pursue them); prepare emotionally as well as financially for a happy, healthy time after full time employment. 

I help many women in this age group to get a grip of where they are now, where they want to be in the future, and then show them how to pursue those passions asap. Divorce often rips well made plans apart, so we provide a lot of support for women at this usually traumatic time.

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