Karen, 55

As a physiotherapy practice manager, Karen knows a thing or two about physical fitness. When it comes to financial fitness, however, she’s still only warming up. But her eye’s on the prize. 

My relationship with money: "Frivolous"

"If I have a big bill to pay one month then I’m good at not spending, but generally I’m a spender. I’m a good saver too though. I love the thrill of saving money by switching policies and I do take risks with investments. If it's gone it’s gone so I just get on with it."

When I got divorced, I had to learn finance fast

Cut the jargon and give me a helpful nudge

My investments are my safety net

My biggest money question...

"When I got divorced I changed the mortgage, changed the car insurance – halved them both! Huge amount of satisfaction and learning, so what else should I look into?"


Answer by Mary Waring, Wealth for Women

Well done on reducing both your mortgage and car insurance. What a fantastic result.

You ask what else you should do. You don’t say whether the divorce and financial settlement are all finalised but I’m going to assume they are. So, a few other things I’d suggest:

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