Leanne, 43

Office Manager Leanne loves fun in the sun with her kids and chilling on the sofa. Her husband tends to look after the money stuff, but she thinks the classic gender roles are beginning to switch.

My relationship with money: "Okay"

"I work hard, earn my money, save a bit, spend some. Problem is the world’s got more expensive so we need more money – everything we were paying plus enough to save. I don’t know if I’m confident but I try to put a bit away each month."

My husband does the donkey work, but decisions are shared

Financial independence isn't just for men

Maternal instincts don't pay the bills

My biggest money question...

"Is there a quick way to put money into an investment but still have the ability to take it out when I need it? Or should I set it aside for something like uni fees?"



Answer by Anna Sofat, Addidi Wealth

You can invest via a stock & share ISA (£20,000 each financial year) – the funds are available to you as and when you might need them. An easy and cost efficient option is the ISA from Vanguard, investing in its Life Strategy funds – you can invest in a fund with Life Strategy 20 (20% risk) or Life Strategy 40 (40% risk) – these are best for a term of 3-7 years. You can also invest in Life Strategy 60 or 80 (best for an investment term in excess of 10 years).

Given that the boys are 11 and 14 and you might need the funds, I would look to invest some about 50% in the 40% fund and the balance in a 20% fund – this would be the sum you should be able to access at a fairly short notice.

Please do note that the lower the risk the less returns you will get but your capital will also be less at risk.


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