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Lesley James

Lesley believes there is far too much complication involved with the subject of money. She founded Simplified Money to help you cut through all that. To build simple plans that will help you build confidence in your ability to manage money. And set you on the road to financial independence.

"The path to financial independence is far more straightforward than many of us have been led to believe."

How I help women with their money

At Simplified Money we offer Financial and Retirement MOTs. Just like the checks for your car, our MOTs help you understand what shape your money is in, how well it is running, whether you are on the right road to achieving your goals – and point out where the weaknesses are, if all is not quite as efficient as it could be.

We are not regulated financial advisers. We do not recommend which product you should have, nor do we suggest you hand over control of your money to us. We just want to help you understand it better. And help you put a plan in place to make the most of it.
So that you fully understand what your options are. And have the confidence to be able to take any action that’s required.

Common money issues my clients have

We are all pretty similar when it comes to our attitude to retirement. We spend the majority of our younger lives seeing it as another country. Somewhere far enough away that we don’t need to worry about it. Not even noticing there might be some plans we need to make. Or understanding how much we are going to need.

Then, somewhere between 40 and 50 or so, something hits us. A growing realisation that ‘the future’ is no longer a concept. It is fast becoming an actual thing. And a thing that, if we get it right, we might get to really enjoy.

Money is not the answer to everything, of course. But it does increase the number of choices you have. And when you simplify your approach to your money, it becomes much easier to manage. Which helps you build confidence in what you can achieve.

All of which leads to a moment of revelation. The moment when you finally relax about your tomorrow. And can get back to enjoying life today.

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• Financial and retirement MOTs

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