Lesley James

Director and Advisor, Simplified Money

Lesley hates jargon as much as you do. She believes in clarity, transparency and human interaction. And she doesn’t believe you should be tied into ongoing support. If you want to walk away once she’s helped you get organised, she’ll wave you off with well wishes! 

"As the Chinese Proverb almost says: The best day to plant a tree may have been 20 years ago. But the second best day is today!"


How I help women with their money

At Simplified Money we are distinctly different from traditional, locally-focused advice firms. We are a hybrid service, using lots of technology to communicate and interact – but we are not robo. You will always talk to a real human 

We target our services at what most might call the advice gap, ie. those overlooked by traditional financial advice, enabling them to get support and advice on money from as little as £350. There’s no 3% + 1%pa here. Which also means we can support clients right across the country – our current reach stretching from Scotland down to East Devon. 


Common money issues my clients have

Those big birthdays seem to hit us almost out of nowhere. Then it’s relentless. And if the number of years weren’t enough, they also bring along a whole load of soul searching. The growing realisation that ‘the future’ is no longer a concept but an actual thing, for example. The questioning whether we’ve wasted opportunities. The wonder of how young we still feel. But the dread that some of those amazing things we’d hoped for, perhaps it’s already too late. Decent money, a great career, the chance to travel. 

Of course, it’s never too late. But this is the time to take charge. Get out of bad relationships. Leave stressful jobs. Stop overspending. Dump all that rubbish that others persuaded us was great but actually we’ve hated for more than a decade. And start focusing on the things we do want. The things that make us truly happy. 

Money is not the answer to these things. But it does increase the number of choices you have. So while you are thinking about what’s important, you should also take charge of your money. Rediscover those savings – the old work pensions, cash accounts, the odd ISA perhaps. Find out what they are worth, what they are costing you and where your money is. Most importantly, find out what that could be worth to your future. So that when you do decide what yours looks like, you also know what – if anything – still needs to be done. 


My answer to a WTF lady's question

Anita, 50, asks...

"I realised a couple of years ago that the actively-managed fund fee is eating into my investment returns. How can I make sure I’m keeping costs down?"

Read Lesley's answer


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