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Lesley Mackintosh

Lesley works to not only help individuals with their finances, but also to improve the recognition of women as an important economic force. Beyond that, Lesley is active in charities such as Collaborate Scotland, a board that finds solutions to separation, divorce and family matters. She’s in for a penny, in for a pound.

"We understand that, as a woman, your life can be subject to some pretty big changes. That’s why we offer specially tailored independent advice."

How I help women with their money

At Independent Women, we offer dedicated financial advice for women, by women.

Our objective is to give the very best expertise and service, to help our clients achieve their different financial goals. Our customer charter highlights our dedication to service: we value each client's individuality, and we work collaboratively to create a plan which is bespoke for each one; we guide, support and assist; we listen, and we don't judge or have standards; we welcome all enquiries and we take the time to explain, as we know that it is a very complicated field. Your satisfaction is always of paramount importance.

Since 2017, we are very proud to be part of Succession Wealth, the leading national independent financial advice firm with client values at its heart. This makes Independent Women the longest-running financial advice firm for women, as well as the first national IFA for women, in the UK. Together, we are on a mission to change our clients’ lives through financial empowerment. 

Common money issues my clients have

Money issues faced by women in their 40s, 50s and 60s is a specialty of ours, as we have spent many years helping women and observed the types of financial situations which arise throughout various stages of life.

We see the Six Stages of Women as education; business, careers and professional development; bricks and mortar; supporting dependents; managing relationships; and retirement planning and the future. By your 40s, you’re likely thinking about managing relationships and retirement planning. But we also find that all these issues can arise at any time, so we’re prepared to help no matter what stage you’re at.

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• Financial planing and wealth management

• Business and company planning

• Pensions and protection, tax and mortgages

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