Ruth, 46

Foster carer Ruth feels financially secure, but often wonders how she’s doing compared to the neighbours. With money being a closed book among her friends, it can be tricky to know what good looks like. 

My relationship with money: "Appreciated"

"Money is so transient. When the recession hit, my husband lost every single client over a few months, so went from a big business to making hardly any money at all. We had to start from the bottom and work our way up again, so I don’t take money for granted."

Accounts all over the place gets confusing

Actually... why don't I invest?!

Talking about money is hard, but can be helpful

My biggest money question...

"I’m not sure our cash savings are paying any interest any more, so what do you recommend for making the most of them?"



Answer by Tamsin Caine, Smart Financial

It really depends on what your savings are for.

If you have earmarked them for something within the next 5 years or so, I would suggest that you check the interest rate you are receiving and then look online, perhaps using a search engine, for a better rate.

If you are looking at putting the money away for longer, perhaps to supplement retirement income, you could look at investing the money. There are direct-to-customer platforms but I would strongly recommend contacting a financial planner for advice in the first instance, especially if you have never invested before.


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