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Tina Weeks

Tina’s approach to financial advice is to encourage and inspire clients to identify what they really want to do in life. Then through coaching and analysis she works to give vision to your finances and clarity to your dreams. All while making you feel completely at ease.

"More than anything I'll be a friendly face and caring guide so you come out the other side inspired and motivated about your new life."

How I help women with their money

Whatever financial issues you need help with, we begin by creating a Financial Life Plan that covers every aspect of your financial planning. We will ensure you have a strong vision of how you want to live and them make the best of all your resources so that your vision will become a reality. Costs start at £2,500.

Common money issues my clients have

Women in their 40s to 60s tend to come up against 3 main challenges:

1. Getting divorced

We offer support and guidance during this often distressing and confusing time. We will help you with all the financial paperwork your solicitor will need, we will prepare a full financial forecast to help you present a fair picture of your requirements, and we will implement and deal with any pension sharing orders that are part of the settlement.

2. Becoming widowed

We understand how difficult your period of mourning and adjustment might be. We are on hand to deal with the practical issues around how to deal with your late husband’s estate and any other pressing financial matters. We will build a robust Financial Life Plan for you and stick with you to help you move forward positively.

3. Preparing for retirement

It is a well known fact that women save much less for their retirement than men do. Consequently, they find that they don’t have enough money to do everything they want to in retirement. We will work on every area of your financial planning from the basics of budgeting to financial forecasting and investments.

Choose me for...

• Create a Financial Life Plan

• Ongoing support, monitoring and review

• Investment, pension, protection and cashflow planning

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